Less than 30 minutes from the heart of the Nation’s Capital, Prince William County provides easy access to international, national, as well as regional markets.

By Road

For the past 25 years, Prince William County has consistently spent the most on roadway infrastructure improvements than any other Virginia jurisdiction. Over $400 million is spent on average each year.

Two main interstates – Interstate 66 which runs east to west and Interstate 95 which runs north to south go through Prince William County. The U.S. Route 234 Bypass is a four-lane divided highway that connects I-66 and I-95. With these two corridors traversed in the County, Prince William provides overnight trucking capabilities to approximately 56% of the U.S. population.

By Air

By air, the County is primarily serviced by two major airports and one regional airport. Dulles International Airport is located just 20 minutes from Prince William County. It supports 25 international carriers and offers access to 49 international and 84 domestic destinations. FedEx and UPS operate air cargo services out of Dulles.  United Airlines operates a major hub at Dulles.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is approximately 25 minutes from Prince William County. It is the 25th busiest airport by passenger volume. Reagan National supports 11 carriers and offers access to 94 North American destinations. American Airlines operates a major hub at Reagan National.

Manassas Regional Airport, the largest executive regional airport in Virginia, is located a mere 5 minutes from the commuter rail, 3 miles from Innovation Park, and 13 miles from the County’s seat. It offers first-class business aviation services, onsite US customs, no landing fees, no commercial competition, and exclusive privacy.

By Rail

Two major railway systems run through the County. CSX and Norfolk Southern. Additionally, two Virginia Railway Express routes provide rail commuter options to and from Washington DC.


Virginia Inland Intermodal Port is less than 40 miles from Prince William County. “The terminal is serviced by 17,820 feet of rail track that runs adjacent to Norfolk Southern‘s Crescent Corridor. Intermodal rail cars arrive at VIP and gain access via Norfolk Southern rail to Harrisburg, PA, and New York/New Jersey region. The facility is a U.S. Customs-designated port of entry, and the full range of customs functions is available to customers.” Containerized rail service is provided five days a week between the Virginia Inland Port and the Port of Virginia.

Prince William County is served by Dominion Energy and NOVEC.   They provide reliable and economical electric power, with industrial rates 37% below the national average.

Dominion Energy (NYSE:D) provides power to more than 7 million customers in 20 states. The company is committed to sustainable, reliable, affordable power and is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy with more than $100 billion of assets providing electric generation, transmission, and distribution.  Dominion currently generates 2,600 MW of clean energy in ten different states.

NOVEC is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the United States. It provides electricity to more than 169,000 residents and businesses in Northern Virginia, including over 84,000 customers in Prince William County.  NOVEC has strong financials with $915 million in assets and $401 million in operating revenue as of September 2018.  NOVEC has average service reliability of 99.99%. NOVEC purchases power through the PJM marketplace and operates a 50-megawatt biomass power plant. NOVEC recently purchased 300 megawatts of solar-generated energy.

Prince William County is served by over 26 fiber providers that support 5+ million square feet of data centers, as well as government contractors, federal government agencies, and other IT companies.

These fiber providers include Verizon, Summit IG, FiberLight, CenturyLink, Zayo, and AT&T.  These dedicated fiber connections provide virtually no latency to important points, as follows:

  • Ashburn (MAE East) .17 milliseconds
  • Fort Meade .32 milliseconds
  • New York City 97 milliseconds

Water and sewer services in Prince William County are provided by the Prince William County Service Authority.  The Service Authority is a separate financial entity from Prince William County.

The Service Authority receives its water supply from three plants:  Corbalis Water Treatment Plant in Fairfax County with a capacity of 225 MGD; Frederick Griffith Plant in Fairfax County with a capacity of 120 MGD; and, City of Manassas Plant which provides 5 MGD to the Service Authority.

The Service Authority treats wastewater at two plants:  HL Mooney Water Reclamation Facility in eastern Prince William County with a capacity of 24 MGD; and the Upper Occoquan Service Authority Regional Water Reclamation Plant in western Fairfax County with a capacity of 54 MGD.

Information on water and sewer rates can be found at: